Green Renewal: Spruce Up Your Landscape with a Spring Cleanup & Mulching

Spring is all about a fresh start, and it’s the perfect time to breathe new life into your outdoor space. One of the best ways to achieve this is a thorough cleanup and mulching of your landscape beds. This comprehensive service quickly revitalizes your yard’s appearance, giving it a crisp, clean look just in time for those new blooms. It also sets the stage for healthy growth and flourishing landscapes throughout the warmer months.

Our Process & Why It Matters

A spring cleanup and mulching of your landscape beds is more than just a cosmetic lift. It’s a key step in maintaining the health and vitality of your property. At Independence, we follow a meticulous process to ensure that your spring cleanup and mulching project is completed to the highest standards. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Removing Weeds, Leaves, Old Mulch and Debris: The first step in our spring cleanup process is to clear away any accumulated debris from the Winter months. This includes removing weeds, fallen leaves, twigs and excess mulch. Many companies simply cover over the old mulch with another layer, but we haul it away to ensure it doesn’t pile up too high and hinder your plants. By eliminating these unwanted elements, we create a clean canvas for new growth to thrive.
  2. Pruning Shrubs and Ornamental Trees: After a long Winter, pruning the shrubs and ornamental trees in your landscape beds gets them back in shape and ready for new buds. Our skilled team of professionals is experienced in the art and science of pruning.
  3. Hand-Cut Edges for Defined Borders: Once the debris is cleared, our team meticulously hand-cuts the edges of your landscape beds 3″-4″ deep to create well-defined borders. This is a dramatic visual change that also helps to prevent grass and weeds from encroaching into your mulched areas.
  4. Fresh Layer of Mulch: With the landscape beds prepped and defined, it’s time to apply a fresh layer of premium, dyed brown mulch. This serves as a protective barrier, helping to retain moisture in the soil, regulate temperature and help suppress weed growth.

What About My Weeding & Pruning Plan?

It’s easy to get confused here. This is an initial cleanup and mulching service—a single project to clean up and refresh your landscape beds. It normally includes some weeding and pruning in addition to the edging and mulching. To keep up pristine landscape beds all season long, we offer Weeding and Pruning Plans on a recurring monthly schedule.

For other Frequently Asked Questions about our cleanup and mulching service, please refer to this FAQ section.

From Clippings to Compost: Helping the Planet Thrive

When we haul away your yard waste, we bring it back to our facility where everything gets recycled. Unlike other landscape companies that send yard waste to the landfill, we compost the organics over several months, producing some of the best quality topsoil in Northern Virginia.

Why do we go to all this effort? Because we believe it’s worth it for the numerous environmental benefits. By recycling yard waste into compost, we reduce our carbon footprint—and that rich topsoil is now ready for new landscape projects, helping your yard flourish. Check out this video to see how your yard waste helps the planet.

Transform Your Outdoor Space Today

If you want to freshen up your outdoor space in time for Spring, contact us today to schedule your cleanup and mulching project. Our crews will expertly weed, prune, edge and mulch your landscape beds, making your yard stand out among your neighbors.