Weeding & Pruning: Customizable Plans to Maintain Your Landscape Beds and Shrubs

Imagine waking up on a Saturday morning, stepping out onto your porch with a cup of coffee in hand, and being greeted by a perfectly manicured lawn and landscape beds free of weeds and overgrown shrubs. 

This scenario can be your reality with Independence Landscape’s weeding and pruning plans. Our customizable plans offer convenience and efficiency, ensuring your landscape stays neat and healthy without you lifting a finger.

Why Weeding and Pruning Matter

Ignoring landscape beds can harm your garden’s health and appearance. Overgrown weeds look messy, spread quickly and can choke out your other plants, creating a bigger problem if not managed and removed regularly. Unpruned plants can block sunlight, promote disease and stunt growth. Our weeding and pruning services ensure your yard remains tidy and vibrant, giving you more time to enjoy your weekends.

Weeding and Pruning: Two Essential Services

Weeding Plan: Nothing detracts more from an otherwise great-looking lawn than unkept landscape beds. Our weeding plan focuses on keeping your beds free of weeds and debris. Many varieties of weeds flourish in Northern Virginia, and our weeding crews are experts at identifying and eliminating them effectively. We typically perform this service monthly to keep your garden beds pristine.

Pruning Plan: Pruning keeps your plants healthy and beautiful, and it’s best left to a professional. Our pruning plan includes careful trimming of shrubs and ornamental trees to promote healthy growth and keep their shape. If desired, our crews can also deadhead roses, butterfly bush, spirea and other shrubs, as well as perennials like daisies, daylilies and black-eyed Susans.

Our team is skilled in shaping boxwoods, hollies, topiaries and beyond. We offer flexible scheduling, with options for monthly or every-two-months pruning. Our experts know the best times and techniques to prune each plant, ensuring great results every visit.

Convenience and Efficiency

We understand that life moves fast in Northern Virginia. Our weeding and pruning plans are designed to fit your schedule and needs. Whether you need these services monthly or every other month, our expert crews will handle the job, giving you more time with the people you love.


From March through December, we offer a weeding plan (service is monthly) and a pruning plan (monthly or every two months). If both plans are selected, the services are completed during the same visit. Here’s how the process works for you:

  1. Schedule: Tell your Account Manager you are interested in the weeding and/or pruning plan(s). Feel free to mention any special requests. With your approval, we will add you to our weeding and pruning schedule.
  2. Weeding: Each month, your experienced crew pulls weeds and cleans out debris from your landscape beds.
  3. Pruning: Our crew expertly prunes, trims and shapes the shrubs and ornamental trees in your landscape beds.
  4. Cleanup: Your crew cleans up and hauls away all yard waste from the weeding and/or pruning service. All waste gets possessed at our compost facility.

Common Questions About Weeding and Pruning

Is the weeding plan the same as a cleanup?

No, our weeding plan is a recurring service to maintain your landscape beds on a regular schedule. Our initial landscape bed cleanup service is a single project to clean up and refresh your landscape beds, often in the Spring, and includes edging and mulching. The weeding plan maintains that appearance.

Does the weeding plan cover the weeds in my lawn?

Our Lawn Care Program targets the weeds in your lawn, while our weeding plan focuses on landscape beds. This ensures every part of your property is well cared for.

Is the pruning plan the same as the Tree & Shrub Care Program?

The pruning plan involves pruning, trimming and shaping your shrubs and ornamental trees once a month or every two months. Our Tree & Shrub Care Program includes seven treatments each year to keep your shrubs and trees healthy. These services do complement each other, but you can pick and choose what’s right for you.

Can you accommodate my special requests? 

Yes, we always do our best to accommodate special requests. Please contact your Account Manager ahead of the crew’s visit to make these arrangements. We prioritize tasks based on your property’s unique needs and address any special requests you might have. This personalized approach ensures your landscape receives the best care.

See Our Work in Action

From March to December, our crews work diligently to deliver top-notch weeding and pruning service. By signing up for both weeding and pruning, you can have these services performed on the same day by the same crew, ensuring consistent and efficient care. Check out our team in action and witness the transformation we can bring to your landscape.

Contact Us Today

Consistency is the key to staying on top of weeding and pruning, and we can deliver it. Don’t let weeding and pruning become a weekend chore. Contact us today to learn more about our weeding and pruning plans and schedule your service.