Drainage problems can cause extensive damage—and major headaches for you as a homeowner. Each drainage issue requires a customized solution, tailored to your property, that works long term.

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Dry Creek Beds

Dry creek beds allow water to flow through an area when necessary, greatly reducing erosion and other water-related issues. For some properties, this solution offers the best of both worlds: a long-term correction that also looks attractive.

Downspout Extensions

Of the many solutions to drainage issues, a downspout extension is one of the simplest. Extending your downspouts underground to a proper exit point is a solution many homeowners overlook.

French Drains

A French drain is a highly effective underground drainage system that diverts water away from areas where it usually collects. Often French drains are used together with regrading and/or downspout extensions for an outstanding long-term solution.


Grading (or regrading) involves moving soil to adjust the slope to improve water flow across your property. Using a variety of techniques, grading is critical to remedy most drainage issues.

“We hired Independence to recommend and install a water drainage system for our home. We were very impressed by Jon’s knowledge in the area. The installation crew was very professional and did a great job restoring our yard when the work was done. It looks great and has been very effective in addressing the situation.”

Wally C., McLean