Aeration & Overseeding

Independence Landscape is a full-service lawn and landscape company that provides Aeration & Overseeding alongside its signature Lawn Care Program. Completed in the late Summer through Fall, Aeration & Overseeding involves pulling up small plugs of dirt and spreading top-quality grass seed for a dramatic revitalization of your lawn. This timely boost of new growth is a crucial step in making your lawn thick and green.

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OUR Process

Aeration & Overseeding with Independence Landscape involves the following steps:

Your dedicated Account Manager visits to assess grass type, measure your lawn, identify problem areas and walk you through any questions. Soon after, you receive a quote for Aeration & Overseeding with the Lawn Care Program.
Lawn Treatments
Throughout the year, the steady treatments of our custom Lawn Care Program provide your lawn with essential nutrients for Aeration & Overseeding to have its full effect. Because these services are interdependent, we only offer them together (although they are charged separately).
For optimal results, we schedule Aeration & Overseeding in the late Summer through Fall.
Core Aeration
Core aeration helps relieve compacted soil and allows water, air and nutrients to reach your lawn’s root system. Our Licensed Technicians do this by pulling up small plugs from your lawn with an aerator.
We special order the finest quality grass seed, engineered for the Northern Virginia climate and soil, and spread it across your lawn. This variety is designed for maximum germination and a deep green color. Your crew will give extra attention to any thin spots or problem areas.
Starter Fertilizer
To help your new seed thrive, our Licensed Technicians apply starter fertilizer during the same visit. This is one of your Lawn Care Program treatments.
For best results, we recommend you water your lawn 10 minutes daily for the first three to five weeks after Aeration & Overseeding. Aim to keep your new seed damp, but avoid soaking or pooling.
If you ever have questions about Aeration & Overseeding, please reach out to our office staff or your Account Manager. We are always happy to assist.

Our Commitment

At Independence Landscape, we show up on time and follow through on our commitments. You can expect your Account Manager to communicate clearly and responsively, and to be available when needed for advice. Our crews are dependable, friendly and attentive to detail. We are here for the long haul, and pledge to get the job done right.

Before & After

These photos were taken less than six weeks apart, after Aeration & Overseeding. The steady, timely treatments of our Lawn Care Program throughout the year made this transformation possible, and allow the new growth to thrive long-term.



“Independence Landscape has been caring for our yard for several years. All staff are courteous, efficient and show up when expected. Even after only one year, our neighbors started asking why our lawn looked so much better than theirs. And now they are customers too!”

– Laura S., Alexandria

Frequently Asked Questions

We only offer them together because the services depend on each other for optimal results. Think of Aeration & Overseeding as the “main event” of the Lawn Care Program: the steady treatments prepare your lawn so that your new growth can take root and thrive long term.

Transforming a thin, weed-infested lawn into a lush, beautiful one is a process. The Lawn Care Program is the long game, and Aeration & Overseeding is the turbo-boost. Many clients are surprised by how much new growth they see two or three weeks after our visit, but keep in mind most lawns reach their full potential after 12 to 18 months in our Lawn Care Program—often following the second annual cycle of Aeration & Overseeding. Your Account Manager can speak directly to the variables affecting your property and set proper expectations.

No, we only perform Aeration & Overseeding in the late Summer through Fall. The optimal time for our grass seed to germinate and take root is just after the hottest months of the year, heading into Fall.

Many companies cut corners when it comes to Aeration & Overseeding, using inferior seed, skimping on the quantity of seed applied or rushing through the job. Some are willing to perform Aeration & Overseeding in the springtime, or without the vital lawn treatments to protect your investment. At Independence, we special order the finest quality grass seed, engineered for Northern Virginia. Our Aeration & Overseeding is integrated with our signature Lawn Care Program, fine-tuned over many years. Our Licensed Technicians take personal pride in seeing your yard improve, and you will notice their attention to detail.

A healthy lawn can withstand normal wear and tear. Try to avoid heavy foot traffic, particularly in thinner areas, for the first week or two after Aeration & Overseeding.

No, a sprinkler system is not needed and many of our clients do not have irrigation systems. However, prior to Aeration & Overseeding we do need to know if you have an irrigation system so we can mark your sprinkler heads before using the aerator machine. We do recommend watering for 10 minutes daily for the first three to five weeks. Aim to keep your new seed damp, but avoid soaking or pooling.

Trust The Experts

A thick, vibrant lawn can be yours with our Aeration & Overseeding service, combined with our signature Lawn Care Program. Trust our expert team to provide the annual boost your lawn needs to reach its full potential and make your neighbors envious. Let’s get started transforming your lawn today—contact us for an estimate for Aeration & Overseeding.