Townhome Design

Townhomes are unique properties from a landscape design standpoint. Often taking up the entire outdoor space, a patio, deck, small lawn or landscape bed must be carefully designed to optimize their functional area. At Independence, we love this challenge and will often combine aspects of hardscaping, landscaping and even a lawn area based on your desires for the space.

View the photo gallery below for examples of some of the creative solutions we’ve found for our townhome clients.

“Ben, Vidal, and the rest of the crew who gave our yard a makeover were absolutely fantastic. They transformed our entire yard, front and back, from a mud pit with dying bushes and an overgrown tree into a lush, grassy oasis with new boxwoods and azaleas to grow into. They worked tirelessly and we were amazed by how quickly the vision came together in just four days. Communication was detailed and prompt. Ben remembered every little thing about our initial consultation conversation, and made it all happen for us. We’re so excited to enjoy our yard all year round now.”

Abby C., Springfield