Independence Landscape is a full-service lawn and landscape company serving Northern Virginia residents. Our clients get access to our team of experts for customized landscape, hardscape and drainage correction projects, including French drains. A French drain is a highly effective underground drainage system that pulls water away from the wettest areas of your property. Contact us today to get started on a custom drainage correction.

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OUR Process

A French drain is an underground system that diverts water away from areas where it usually collects. Here is how the process works for you:

Your dedicated Account Manager visits your property to assess your drainage issues and develop a customized long-term solution, which may include a French drain. Soon after, you receive a proposal for your drainage correction.
Once you approve the project, we order materials and select a skilled drainage crew to tackle your project. Your Account Manager keeps in touch as the date approaches and contacts Miss Utility to mark utility lines prior to starting.
Your experienced crew arrives and marks the area. Next we dig the trench, encapsulate the trench with drainage fabric and add drainage stone. We install a perforated pipe and add more drainage stone. Finally, we cover the trench back over with soil and grass. Most of the time, this pipe terminates at a proper exit point.
If you ever have questions or concerns related to your French drain or drainage work, feel free to contact your Account Manager anytime.

Our Commitment

At Independence Landscape, we show up on time and follow through on our commitments. You can expect your Account Manager to communicate clearly and responsively, and to be available when needed for advice. Our crews are dependable, friendly and attentive to detail. We are here for the long haul, and pledge to get the job done right.



“We trusted them to install a French drain system which we had not realized we needed—at least not until we met with Mark for initial lawn care estimates. Since the drains were installed (Spring 2019), the lawn is lush, thriving and beautiful. If we had gone with either of the two other companies’ lawn assessments, we would have invested in a continued mud pond and no return.”

– Christy C., Vienna

Frequently Asked Questions

A French drain is a highly effective underground drainage system that pulls water away from notoriously wet areas of your property. For our French drains, we dig a trench and line it with drainage fabric. We then install drainage stone and a perforated pipe, which is covered with more drainage stone. Normally the French drain is covered with soil and grass so you don’t even notice it.

No. Downspout extensions connect the downspout from your home’s gutters to a buried pipe that drains water away from your home toward a proper exit point. French drains can be combined with downspout extensions and/or regrading for a full-scale, long-term solution.

Yes—some of our drainage projects involve multiple components, and it depends on your property’s needs. French drains can be used together with downspout extensions, channel drains, drain boxes and/or a dry creek bed. Your drainage correction might also involve grading, landscaping, sodding and/or mulching.

If you contact five different contractors, you are likely to get five opinions that vary based on each one’s specialty. Because we value long-term relationships with our clients, our goal is to create a long-term solution that mitigates water before it gets to your house. We also prefer gravity over mechanical options that eventually give out, like a sump pump. Whether it’s a complex drainage correction or lawn maintenance, our clients know they can depend on us to get the job done right.

We do not offer one-time projects for one simple reason: our existing maintenance clients are our top priority, and our business is built on these long-term relationships. If you are willing to consider us for a maintenance service, such as weekly mowing or our Lawn Care Program, we are happy to meet with you to evaluate your drainage issues and find a customized solution.

Trust The Experts

Drainage problems can’t be fixed with shortcuts. At Independence Landscape, we understand that each client’s yard is unique—so we work to create a customized, long-term drainage solution. We install high-quality French drain systems that can be integrated with other drainage components to keep your home high and dry and reduce erosion in your yard. Contact us today to get started.